Winter Window Condensation

Wednesday Dec 11th, 2019


Winter Window Condensation is unavoidable but not impossible to defend against at home.  It can cause further damage to the windows and decrease your property value if it is not looked after properly.

How Do Cold Temperatures Defect Home Windows?

Condensation is the process of hot and humid air coming into contact with a cold surface.  When warm, moist air meets the cold surface, the moisture in it condenses.  Over time, window condensation can cause:

  • Wood rot
  • Mold formation
  • Plaster damage

Window condensation can form due to the types of windows installed, and the relative humidity levels in a home.  Dealing with the issue starts with identifying whether condensation is forming on the room side or between double or triple-glazed panes of glass.

How Can I Remove The Eyesore of Condensation?

If condensation appears on the room side, remedies to reduce its formation include:

  • Removing plants to lower the humidity
  • Hanging laundry or storing wood outside
  • Installing an exhaust fan
  • Installing heat sources below windows
  • Installing storm windows on single pane windows
  • Keeping blinds/curtains away from windows to allow airflow

If condensation appears between panes of glass, the seal between the panes is broken, reducing its insulating capacity.  Handling cloudy glass involves replacing and refitting the window(s) entirely.


*Article courtesy of AmeriSpec of Barrie, Orillia, Muskoka & Collingwood 

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